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Bible Quiz Competition - Preview

What is the name of Joseph’s wife?
Asenath (Gen 41:45)
According to 1Timothy1:13-14 who Was Before A Blasphemer, and A Persecutor and Injurious; but I Obtained Mercy, because I Did It Ignorantly In Belief. And The Grace Of Our Lord Was Exceeding Abundant With Faith And Love Which Is In Christ Jesus. This Is A Faithful Saying, and Worthy Of All Acceptation, that Christ Jesus Came Into The World To Save Sinners; of Whom I Am A Chief.
Apostle Paul
How many proverbs and songs did Solomon speak?
3, 000 proverbs and 1, 000 songs - 1 kings 4:32
What was the name of Samson’s father?
Manoah - Judges 13: 2
Which of Gideon’s seventy sons escaped assassination by Abimelech
According to Numbers 31: 8, what was Balaam’s end?
He was killed by the Israelites in the battle with the Midianites.
What was the 8th plague in Egypt?
Locust Exodus 10
How many chapters does the book of Judges have?
21 chapters
What was Jacob's name changed to?
Israel - Genesis 32:28
What event brought Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem once a year?
The feast of the Passover (Luke 2: 41)